The Network 5.0 Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance (N5A) is dedicated to building an international, open and influential standards organization for the next generation of data communications networks, with the efforts of government, industry and research. Discuss the medium and long term vision demand in the field of data communication network, gather consensus, adopt top level design, put forward the network 5.0 innovation framework facing the future, promote technology innovation rhythmically, and provide industry reference for government network industry policy. Traction industry development direction, promote the data network industry healthy and sustainable development.

    Position: The N5A serves as a Network 5.0 industry cooperative platform, which focuses on requirements and challenges, promotes the research, verification, deployment and operation of related technologies through top-level design, provides the basis for the government and enterprises to formulate development strategies and promotes the sustainable development of data network industry.

    Vision: The N5A promotes the evolution of data network technologies and industrial upgrading driven by commercial value, and builds a fully connected, intelligent world.

    Purpose: Openness, Innovation, Cooperation, Win-Win